Flying SchoolJuly 28, 2021by admin0Rajkot’s New Flying School in the Works

InfiniFly Aviation, one of the most reputed aviation institutes to provide flight training in India and internationally, is looking to branch out and open a flying school in Rajkot. The institute is planning to offer our services to interested students all over Saurashtra.

Our school is seeking the Rajkot airport authority’s permission to arrange some space at the airport to park a small aircraft and for some runway space to provide hands-on practical training to our students. The Ahmedabad airport is one of the busiest in the country; it is difficult to set up a training schedule as there is a high frequency of flights daily.

Our founder, Pratik Singal, has told the media that we have already received an impressive response from interested students in Rajkot and are planning to open their gates to trainees as soon as the permission is granted.

Mr Diganta Borah, the director at Rajkot Airport, has informed the media that they would provide the required space for practical training and would be happy to collaborate as soon as our training school is granted permission from DGCA.

About InfiniFly Aviation

One of India’s premium flight training schools, InfiniFly Aviation, is known for its trustability and proficiency in training. Here, professionals with years of experience in aviation are hired to provide the students with in-depth knowledge and skill. We emphasise practical training and theoretical training and ensure the trainees with a comprehensive understanding of aviation. We follow the DGCA syllabus and guidelines while designing both the theoretical and practical training modules. We also provide the students with a thorough idea of the commercial aviation sector to face no hindrances in their pursuit of becoming successful commercial pilots.

Services Offered

Ground Classes 

Ground classes are the pillars of learning while training for any industry. We say anyone can fly, but first, they have to complete the ground training successfully. Get the hang of the core subjects and a clear idea about how things work. InfiniFly Aviation provides excellent ground classes before starting actual flight training, during which time students are familiarised with the core concepts of aviation. They are tested quarterly by the DGCA to keep a knowledge check and make sure everyone can match the pace of learning. These ground classes offer an excellent platform to set the pillars strong before hands-on pilot training.

InfiniFly Aviation has a selection of courses to choose from, including CPL, PPL, ATPL, etc. You can browse their official site for details.

Flight Training in India/USA/South Africa

Being a premium school of international reputation, InfiniFly Aviation offers flight training courses in India, the USA and South Africa. Our institute provides students with excellent English coaching and aptitude modules to help them learn how to communicate in English with reasonable fluency. A firm grip on English is the key to becoming a successful commercial pilot in the aviation industry.

Hobby Flying and Joy Rides

Many business tycoons and men with an inherent taste for wandering the skies engage in hobby flying. InfiniFly Aviation offers amazing hobby flying and joyride sessions that enable you to get a taste of flying like a free bird without worrying about a license!

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