Flying SchoolJuly 15, 2021by admin0Ways of Picking a Perfect Flying School

Becoming a pilot is more than a dream; it’s a passion and goal many people aspire to achieve. It’s a well-marked road that requires dedication and discipline to follow.

When it comes to picking the perfect institute for CPL training, every prospective aviator who has ever succeeded in attaining a profession in aviation has undoubtedly encountered numerous uncertainties, queries and confusions. We’re going to smash all of your concerns and uncertainties today. Let’s go through each question one by one to make an informed decision about which academy for pilot training in Ahmedabad is right for you.

Prior to choosing a flying school, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is the Institute where I’m applying for admission accredited? Ensure the institute you choose is approved by the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Government of India) to conduct CPL and PPL training in the aviation field. Not only, InfiniFly Aviation is DGCA-approved, but it is also an ISO 9001:2008-certified Pilot Training Institute.
  2. Is there enough practical training? The next thing you should look at is whether the aviation academy has enough aircraft, labs, and skilled professors to provide hands-on practical training. The flying school you choose should have professional pilot instructors and training faculty with the primary purpose of providing simultaneous theoretical and practical training to assist you in learning, visualising and comprehending things better.
    You should have the opportunity to learn in an Interactive Learning Environment that includes Computer-Based Training (CBT), Flight Simulators, Aircraft Demo Flights, Working Models and other subject-related audio, graphics, expert advice and Q&A sessions among other things.
  1. Is the pilot training institute equipped with adequate aircraft and other resources to complete the required flying hours? Check the fleet of aircraft, watch hours, and other details to ensure that you finish your required flying hours (200 hours for CPL training and 40 hours for PPL training) on time.
  2. Is the flying school in Gujarat compliant with all safety regulations? Flight safety is a big concern for students (especially those pursuing CPL and PPL training) and their parents. As a result, make sure to inquire about the safety precautions used. Inquire about matters concerning safety.

    At InfiniFly Aviation, safety has always been ingrained in our culture. Safety pilots and officers must be assigned to each flying school to ensure flight safety.

  1. Do you have a record of past placements? Past placements are another important criterion to consider. Ensure you are aware of the pilot training institute’s previous placements and the organisations that hold hiring drives.

With getting answers to all of these questions, you will finally be able to choose the perfect flying school for yourself. If you still doubt which flying school in Gujarat you should aim for, don’t worry, as InfiniFly Aviation, one of the finest flying school academies, will make sure you get everything you deserve. Contact them today for more details and have a safe and rewarding flying future with them.

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