PilotJune 2, 2021by admin0Is Being Pilot a Good Career Choice? Here Are Some Pros and Cons of Being a Commercial Pilot


A career as a commercial pilot is indeed an excellent choice. You get to fly through the skies, work in other countries, and meet a lot of interesting people wherever you land. However, every job has its benefits and drawbacks. Being a commercial pilot entails more than just thrills and spills. It also entails a great deal of responsibility.

You may have heard or read inspiring stories about pilots, but before you jump to conclusions, consider the following pros and cons. Then, decide for yourself whether it is worthwhile to pursue a career as a commercial pilot.

Pros of Being a Commercial Pilot

1. Travel Around the World for Free

Their employers well compensate commercial pilots. As a commercial pilot, you can travel all over the world without having to pay a dime. Not only that, but you will also have the opportunity to visit exotic locations, stay in five-star hotels, and learn about different countries, cultures, and cuisines.

2. Decent Pays and Extra Perks

Commercial pilots are well compensated by their employers. A pilot’s salary is usually lower when they first start. But as they ride up the ladder and pilot larger aircraft, their pay increases. In addition to decent compensation, commercial pilots also receive perks, such as free travel, food, lodging, and other allowances.

3. Adventurous Experiences 

A commercial pilot’s job is nothing like a 9-to-5 job. Unlike a regular 9 to 5 job, the working hours of a commercial pilot are not set in stone. The workplace (cockpit) isn’t as gloomy as an office or cubicle. A pilot’s flight path can also alter from time to time.

4. Leave Work at Work

As an airline pilot’s primary responsibility, you will only have to fly the aircraft to which you are assigned. Unlike typical 9-to-5 jobs, you don’t need to carry work to your home. You may return to your family once your task is completed, depending on the schedule.

Cons of Being a Commercial Pilot

1. Junior Pilots Find It Difficult

The aviation industry has recently witnessed significant transformations. The goal of airlines is to maximise their profitability. As a result, life for new and junior pilots has grown difficult. Junior pilots find it difficult to get a decent salaried job and are compelled to join minor airlines.

2. Suffering In Personal Life

Commercial pilots spend a lot of time away from their families due to their constant travel. As a result, they have less time to spend with their families. Many commercial pilots are obliged to make this trade-off.

3. Large Initial Investment

Commercial training is not for everyone. The initial investment for commercial pilot training is high. Following basic training comes rating, which is also not a cheap endeavour.

So, after considering some pros and cons of becoming a commercial pilot, if you still want to be one, contact INFINIFLY AVIATION to enroll in the best commercial pilot course at an affordable price.

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