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In life, you can take a lot of different paths. But not many of those paths will allow you to rise in the sky. Love the joy of flying? You’ll be able to pursue your passion for flight as a pilot. Yes, it can be difficult, tedious, and time-consuming, but remember, not everyone has the opportunity to do so in their lifetime.

So, if you want to soar to new heights and experience adventure, here are five reasons why you should become a pilot:

1. The View Is Unbeatable.

Have you ever seen the earth from 30,000 feet above? Take a look at that scene! You honestly have no idea what you’re missing out on until you can see the beautiful oceans and mountains from above. Nothing beats the magical scenery of grey clouds soaring through the sky and the sun shining above the clouds to add a touch of golden flare. Seeing the world below is indeed enthralling, exhilarating, and unbelievable.

2. Experience a New World.

Travelling the world is probably one of the top two items on your bucket list. As a pilot, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to accomplish just that in a way that few others do. You may make stops in multiple states, or even countries, within 24 hours.

3. Challenging and Rewarding

Let’s be honest, becoming a pilot is not an easy task. It is rather challenging. But as a pilot, when you overcome these challenges, you will gain new skills and knowledge, which will give a sense of accomplishment and confidence. You will be in charge of one of the most mighty and fascinating machines and learn how to make quick decisions, develop your leadership skills, plan for the unexpected, and even read weather patterns.

4. Salary and Health Benefits

Pilot salaries are often incredible, making the industry more appealing to new pilots. Almost all airlines offer standard annual raises as well as health benefits. The average salary for an airline pilot in India is INR 46,87,900 per year. A starting salary of INR 11,25,100 is typical for an airline pilot and, the highest salaries can exceed a million dollars. Each airline has its salary structure, but almost all standard offers are increasing year after year.

5. Career Opportunities

Aviation is a career that provides numerous opportunities for advancement. You can have a rewarding and lucrative career as a pilot, especially if you have the required training. Imagine being able to fly for a living and getting paid for it. Unfortunately, not many people can boast about it. However, there will always be plenty of possibilities for certified pilots, with domestic and international airline travel on the rise and in great demand.

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